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Everyday, our products touch the lives of millions of people around the world.
Whether it’s one of our kitchen gadgets, gardening tools, or flying UFO LED toys, we view this as not only a great privilege, but also a great responsibility. That is why we hold our manufacturing facilities and supply chain partners to the highest standards of quality, reliability, and trust that our customers expect.
And now, as a manufacturer and distributor of PPE to healthcare professionals, we
must hold ourselves to an even higher standard of excellence. Our primary job is to ensure the patients, doctors, nurses and consumers who use our products on a daily
basis receive the highest quality product possible while also providing a good value for our long term partners.
Our code of conduct is the road map that sets the requirements for our corporate policies, procedures and guidelines, all of which we adhere to with the highest integrity.
We are proud to lead a global team that has a long history of high ethical business practices and we strive daily to be part of the solution to keep people safe and protected.


Like many large organizations in the manufacturing space with a global supply chain of consumer products , Creative Concepts Manufacturing Group , from time to time attracts the attention of individuals , entities who might intent on misusing its name or
the names of its law firms , associates , employees in the pursuit of fraudulent
We endeavour to highlight any type of such fraudulent activities that we are aware of and commit to take action on such entities with the appropriate departments to report
the same . If you receive a communication which purports to be in our name or in the
name of our law firms, associates or employees and are unsure as to its
provenance or veracity, please contact us at before engaging with the sender any further.

We report fraudulent activities involving our name or its goodwill to the relevant regulatory and law enforcement agencies.


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From the Management of Creative Concepts Manufacturing Group

Barbara Loera Creative Director

Barbara Loera is the Creative Director leading the design and creation for a multitude of packaging, media, web, and marketing projects at Creative Concepts. With over 25 years of experience designing projects targeted towards major retailers (brick and mortar and online) she delivers impactful designs across multiple mediums, utilizing an omni-channel mindset. Barbara’s expertise in design, market research, campaign creation, project management, competitive design, and visual communication extends to web and interactive media, consistently yielding exceptional results.