Our Story

More Than 35 Years of Experience Leading Retail Innovation.

From concepts to delivery

We design, manufacture , distribute – Period.

Founded to be a champion for retail brands and product innovators looking to deliver quality lifestyleproducts with worthwhile profits. Our team has conceptualized, designed, manufactured and distributed more than 1,500 unique projects to completion, all while keeping the goals of timeliness, extreme quality and reliability at the forefront of our minds.

Based in Hong Kong with global offices across China, the United States, Italy, UK and Canada, we provide access to a worldwide network of materials and manufacturing partners while proudly partnering with some of the world’s most noteworthy brands.

A Team of Industry Leaders

We are committed to a level of quality that far exceeds expectations. Our team consists of numerous, highly trained and capable individuals, all of which are focused on the valued outcomes of our customers, worldwide. Dedicated to making this focus a guarantee, our success is seen in not only our backgrounds, but also in each daily task we diligently complete, always keeping the consumer’s goals at the top of our list.

Here are some of our core members dedicated to building a successful partnership.

News and Awards

Creative Concepts has been honored with some of the top awards in the retail and product manufacturing industries.

Trusted by The Best

As a world-class producer of inventions and products, we take great pride in being part of several important organizations that keep our industry at the top of its game.