Creative Concepts USA

Our Story

More Than 35 Years of Experience Leading Retail Innovation.

From concepts to delivery

We design, manufacture , distribute – Period.

Founded to be a champion for retail brands and product innovators looking to deliver quality lifestyleproducts with worthwhile profits. Our team has conceptualized, designed, manufactured and distributed more than 1,500 unique projects to completion, all while keeping the goals of timeliness, extreme quality and reliability at the forefront of our minds.

Based in Hong Kong with global offices across China, the United States, Italy, UK and Canada, we provide access to a worldwide network of materials and manufacturing partners while proudly partnering with some of the world’s most noteworthy brands.

A Team of Industry Leaders

We are committed to a level of quality that far exceeds expectations. Our team consists of numerous, highly trained and capable individuals, all of which are focused on the valued outcomes of our customers, worldwide. Dedicated to making this focus a guarantee, our success is seen in not only our backgrounds, but also in each daily task we diligently complete, always keeping the consumer’s goals at the top of our list.

Here are some of our core members dedicated to building a successful partnership.

News and Awards

Creative Concepts has been honored with some of the top awards in the retail and product manufacturing industries.

Trusted by The Best

As a world-class producer of inventions and products, we take great pride in being part of several important organizations that keep our industry at the top of its game.

Founder of Creative Concepts, Gary Advani has over 40 years of industry experience making and distributing a diverse range of consumer products. With a rich background across all business functions, he now continues to focus his attention on increasing the group’s business portfolio across various sectors along with managing the global finance functions for the business.His efforts span corporate accounting, financial planning, analysis and treasury, ensuring that the business is efficient, profitable and sustainable.

Joe Advani, Managing Director of Creative Concepts Manufacturing Group, manages and oversees the product development and manufacturing operations for the business. A successful entrepreneur by his early 20’s, he uses his creative skills in designing and manufacturing innovative products and processes. A master of supply chain networking, he has extensive experience having lived, and working with factories across China, where he educated himself in tooling, injection moulding, and product assembly best practices. His vision has motored him to be a driving force in the company’s global expansion.

CEO of Creative Concepts USA, Vin Advani, focuses on business growth through the sales operations that have, and continue to, push the company to success. Establishing the group’s first international expansion in New Jersey, his strategies have included partnering with celebrities and brand influencers that have secured awareness for the business and its expanding brand and product lines across electronics, sports and lifestyle industries. He hassuccessfully launched new product lines and brands while developing a strong DRTV positioning. Vin has a degree in Business Administration and attributes his success to the extensive mentorship from his elder brother Joe and their father.

Sanjeev *Sunny* Tuli serves as our Senior Vice President & GM, heading up the groups commercial and operational strategies. With over 20 years of sales and operations experience under his belt, he is focused on sustainability, vision and foundation. He holds the responsibilities of developing omni-channel growth strategies, ensuring the delivery of innovation and value to all stakeholders. He is currently leading the digital transformation and strategy for the organization. In preparation for these responsibilities, he recently completed his PGDDB from Columbia and MIT, earning Ivy League status of being in the top 5% of his cohort, and has also gained an Executive MBA from the World leading Kellogg – HKUST Business School.

Taj Kaur is the executive assistant to the CEO, North America making for certain that success is accomplished in every area. She is in charge of the daily duties of the US Office, handling everything from the official administrative matters to the more critical logistical issues. Taj has more than 10 years of experience solving multi-dimensional problems for our business, and has a wealth of knowledge having previously worked in the freight business, clearing goods arriving at U.S shipping ports. Taj is currently focused on providing top notch service, building trust that allows all of our partners to know that they are in good hands. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration & Management from Berkeley College.

Senior manager, Jessica Evans, plays a critical role in all sales and marketing strategies for our North American product operations. With over 15 years of experience, drawing her inspiration from Arianna Huffington, it is her goal to develop leading go-to-market strategies across all of our new products and projects, continuing the success of our company. Holding a multidisciplinary Bachelor’s of Arts degree from York University, she specializes in consumer behavior.

Emili Cvetkovic, holds the responsibilities of overseeing sales, especially in DRTV, retail, and the e-commerce areas. Committed to both corporate and consumer goods as well as PPE equipment, she leads the groups’ sales and operations in Europe while identifying emerging markets and their shifts. Her mission is to build and promote long lasting, trustworthy customer relationships. She draws her skills from her vast experience and a Bachelors Degree in Economy, Industry and Financial Institutions, gained from Bologna University, as well as a SIDA Group Master’s degree in General Management- Sales and Marketing.

Product Development Manager, Mandy assists the group MD and handles the management and coordination of all our partners critical projects, from birth to fulfilment. While working cross-functionally across various departments, she also evaluates and resolves technical feasibility and vendor strategy issues, focusing her abilities on design optimization, cost control and production. Utilizing over 20 years of experience, her mission is to develop popular products that increase our market share and add value in the lives of our consumers. She has a Diploma & Certificate in Business Management from the Hong Kong Baptist University and has trained in numerous other areas including Book-keeping and accounting.