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Inventors are the innovators. They help shape the world, and the future, by seeing what others don’t see and knowing how to make things better.

It starts with an idea, but from there the steps can often be cumbersome and confusing.

How do you turn an idea into a product?

How do you turn a product into a product you can sell?

How do you make, sell, and profit from a product when you’ve never done something like this before?

 These are the questions that hold so many makers of the future back from accomplishing their dreams.

That’s Why We Created Creative Concepts

We believed that not knowing how to take your idea from concept to market shouldn’t hold inventions back from becoming the world-changing products they deserve to be, and the innovators behind them, the thought leaders of tomorrow as well.

With more than 35 years of experience helping to bring ideas to life, we have the processes, team, materials and network of manufacturers in place to help you enter the market and seize success.

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Barbara Loera Creative Director

Barbara Loera is the Creative Director leading the design and creation for a multitude of packaging, media, web, and marketing projects at Creative Concepts. With over 25 years of experience designing projects targeted towards major retailers (brick and mortar and online) she delivers impactful designs across multiple mediums, utilizing an omni-channel mindset. Barbara’s expertise in design, market research, campaign creation, project management, competitive design, and visual communication extends to web and interactive media, consistently yielding exceptional results.