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The World's Best Brands

At Creative Concepts, we believe helping great brands deliver incredible products to their customers is our mission. 

We do this by bringing our decades of experiences in global manufacturing to every project.

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Fusion Guard
Fusion Guard Ultra Glide Cookware - Antimicrobial Protection
GoTech Cordless Technology
SLICK Men's Grooming
LED Innovation Labs
Freedom Razor
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Creative Concepts was founded to be the world’s premier retail product partner. Based in Hong Kong, and with offices in China, the United States, London, Italy and Canada, our team proudly holds a global track record of success for taking unique product projects to market.

Innovation is in our DNA

Where Creativity and Product Meet!

“ We use to build products , then go find an audience
Now we build an audience , then make the products “

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We’re Honored to Have Worked With So Many
Incredible Partners

In-Store Retail
Marketing Specialists

From eye-catching designs to state-of-the-art retail shopping experiences, Creative Concepts helps create the full purchasing experience for customers.

Expertise in the Most
Cutting-Edge Sectors

Leading the way in innovation, our team has helped pioneer product development in some of the most in-demand product categories worldwide. 

A Partner for Personal
Protective Equipment

As the world continues to drive demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) products, our team is ready to develop, manufacture and deliver the products retailers need now.

Barbara Loera Creative Director

Barbara Loera is the Creative Director leading the design and creation for a multitude of packaging, media, web, and marketing projects at Creative Concepts. With over 25 years of experience designing projects targeted towards major retailers (brick and mortar and online) she delivers impactful designs across multiple mediums, utilizing an omni-channel mindset. Barbara’s expertise in design, market research, campaign creation, project management, competitive design, and visual communication extends to web and interactive media, consistently yielding exceptional results.